RIDES REPORTS PHOTOS GUIDELINES FORMS REGIONS CONTACT HOME Hi John. It is nealy 5 weeks since I unfortunately lost the front end of the mighty Kato 690 in the vicinity of Yass. I would like to aknowledge my fellow riders, and in particular the kindness of Russel Nurse and Warren Kearney. Russel and his lovely wife Joy returned to the scene of the crime to collect my bike and return to Goulburn. Then after some endone affected conversations travelled to Canberra hospital on a mercy mission with clothes and a phone charger. Warren Kearny traveled with my wife to Goulburn to pick up my car and bike and returned them to my home in Newcastle. Above and beyond! Then there was Al Murray, who is known to enjoy some red wine. Regular calls to ensure my welfare and make me smile were welcome. Wayne provided support, literally, at the scene, and Sharpey....well how could it not be just a little bit funny that I broke my leg! Rather than ramble, I'll close with three thoughts. Riding with the ADV SIG is a pleasure because of the people. They are a generous caring lot of old farts, and I'm glad to be one of them. Adventure riding alone may result in a long wait for help somewhere. Be prepared. Dont fall off. It can hurt sometimes. THE 2017 TENERE TRAGICS IS DONE AND DUSTED. For years this annual event has attracted enormous interest from Tenere owners Australia-wide. This year was no exception, and special guests ROD FAGGOTTER and STEPHEN GALL made the event even more appealing.