SYDNEY MELBOURNE REPORTS PHOTOS GUIDELINES FORMS REGIONS CONTACT HOME WELCOME TO THE ADVENTURE RIDERS SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP We’re a Special Interest Group of the Ulysses Club in Australia, and not a branch. Our members come from across the nation, and join us on adventure rides in addition to any branch activity they may be involved in. The Ulysses Club is a social club, and as such this SIG is aimed at allowing Club members to meet each other in a social environment.  Our rides are arranged with a view to members having an enjoyable time in an environment of fellowship and common interest.  Whilst we ride our motorcycles to various “adventurous” places in any year, our primary aim is always to facilitate mateship. Our focus is riding motorcycles on dirt roads and unmade tracks to scenic and otherwise inaccessible parts of Australia.  Most members ride dual-purpose bikes, either single or multi cylinder, capable of covering rough terrain over long distances. We arrange local day-rides, as well as weekends away, and from time to time longer “expedition” rides.   See the “Ride Calendar” page for full details.  When you make contact with us we may be able to introduce you to other riders in your area. To join our rides, you just need to be a Ulysses Club member, or a guest of a member who is joining the same ride.  You should however contact the Ride Leader of that particular ride to register for the ride well in advance, and to satisfy yourself that the ride is suitable for your level of experience as well as your bike. No matter which way you participate in our rides and social events, we hope you enjoy the experience. Adventure motorcycling is a great way to meet friends and to see remote parts of this beautiful country of ours, and we welcome you to join us. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO CALL  ANY RIDE COORDINATOR.  WE’LL BE HAPPY TO DO WHAT WE CAN TO HELP YOU ENJOY YOUR TIME WITH US. FULL CONTACT DETAILS ARE ON THE “CONTACT” PAGE. RUSSELL’S CAPTAINS FLAT WEEKEND A HUGE SUCCESS. Check out all the photos by clicking “PHOTOS” and follow the link and read the report at “REPORTS”